Guys and Gals at the Prom
Couple at Prom


Alert: The Prom Closet has moved. We are now located at the Glendale Elementary School District's new campus dedicated to the community: System of Care Campus (formerly Coyote Ridge),

7677 W. Bethany Home Road

March 25 and March 26 • 9 AM till 2PM
April 1 and April 2 • 9 AM till 2 PM

The mission of The Prom Closet is to offer new and gently used formal attire to make attending prom affordable. We provide stylish prom attire for young women and men in an inviting “shopping” experience.

All Offered FREE of Charge!

How Does It Work?

Location and Dates

Who Does it Benefit?

We aim to build confidence in young people by giving them the opportunity to dress up, to feel beautiful and special. When you feel good about the way you look, it builds confidence. When you have confidence and better self-esteem, you make better decisions.


Join us as we make attending prom affordable for all high school students!